8 Amazing Tips For Increasing The Count Of White Blood Cells Naturally

8 Amazing Tips For Increasing The Count Of White Blood Cells Naturally

White blood cells or WBC protect the body from infections and diseases. Monocytes, and eosinophils and lymphocytes are few types of WBC. In fact, each kind of WBC plays a significant role in giving protection to the body. Too few or too many different kinds of WBC help in finding an infection, toxic or allergic reaction to the chemicals or medicines. Too few of the white blood cells can cause infection or health problem. The condition of less WBC is known as neutropenia. Too few WBC can be an indication of a severe health problem. In this article, let us discuss some of the amazing tips for combating against this issue. Keep reading to know the amazing nutrients and foods for increasing the count of white blood cells.

Here Are The 8 Amazing Tips For Increasing The Count Of White Blood Cells Naturally:

1. Folic Acid

Folic acid plays an important role in strengthening your immune system by increasing the white blood cells. The deficiency of the folic acid results in the decreased production of the white blood cells. Hence consume folic acid rich foods for increasing the count of white blood cells naturally. Depressed folic acid is found in the people with poor diet and chronic alcoholics.[1]

Folic acid

2. Green Tea

We all know that the antioxidants in green tea keep us healthy. But drinking green tea is very helpful in boosting the immune system. It also allows your body to make more white blood cells. Consume green tea on a regular basis.[2]

Green Tea

3. Yogurt

Another food that comes to your rescue for increasing the white blood cells is yogurt. It is a probiotic food. Hence, it helps in preventing the yeast infection. Thus, it strengthens your immune system. A study revealed that people who consumed two cups of yogurt in a day for four months noticed the improvement in their functioning of their immune system.[3]


4. Garlic

Garlic is also very effective in increasing the white blood cells naturally. Consume garlic to have much more active white blood cells. Garlic stimulates the entire immune system. Include garlic in your regular diet to enjoy its health benefits.[4]


5. Selenium

Selenium, a nutrient is highly known to be beneficial in enhancing the count of white blood cells. Selenium supplementation has been shown to stimulate white blood cells. It improves the functioning of the immune system. Include those foods that are rich in selenium such as brazil nuts, sea food, mushrooms, brown rice, and corn etc.[5]


6. Ginger

Ginger is loaded with zinc and vitamin C that are required for the normal function of the immune system’s white blood cells. Thus, ginger has gained a lot of importance in promoting the healthy immune system. It provides superior protection to the body by providing adequate nutrition. Therefore, it is recommended to include ginger in your daily diet.[6]


7. Vitamin C

This vitamin is highly essential for immunity. It stimulates the ability of the white blood cells to attack viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C enhances the rate at which the WBC travels to the site of the infection. The foods such as peppers, dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, papaya, peas, and citrus fruits etc are loaded with vitamin C. Hence, prefer consuming these foods.[7]


8. Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps in enhancing the count of white blood cells. Therefore, we should include the foods that are rich in this vitamin. Apples, grapes, strawberries, and plums are the fruits with vitamin E. Vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato, peas, and broccoli are loaded with vitamin E. Cereals such as barley and wheat are also loaded with vitamin E. Consume these foods for enjoying vitamin E benefits.[8]

Vitamin E