7 Wonderful Fruits For Managing Cough

Coughing is one of the body’s defenses against illness. A person gets cough problems when her or his body tries hard for disposing the foreign invaders that are lying in the respiratory tract. Anything that irritates the airways such as tobacco smoke, infection, air pollutants, and allergens etc causes a cough. Coughing is not generally a life threatening condition. Most of the times, it resolves naturally. But, sometimes coughing can be upsetting and troublesome, especially if it occurs during night times. Cough, when occurred during night times can keep you up all through the night because of which you easily become fatigued, irritable and exhausted. The immune system can become weakened if you do not get sufficient sleep. You can easily manage this problem with the help of some fruits. Here, in this article, we have compiled the list of few amazing fruits which are highly beneficial in giving you relief from the horrible troublesome associated with the cough.

1. Apple:

A dry cough creates an extremely uncomfortable situation to the sufferer. Apples are highly known to be beneficial in offering you respite from the uneasiness connected with a dry cough. Eat two hundred and fifty grams of sweet apple for one week for getting relieved from a dry cough.[1]


2. Banana:

Another fruit that works great in offering you relief from cough is a banana. This amazing fruit reduces both the whooping cough and dry cough. All you have to do is to consume a drink made up of banana. This banana drink works as an amazing expectorant and greatly aids in breaking up a cough.[2] Banana

3. Orange:

This amazing citrus fruit works great in alleviating the symptoms associated with cough. If you are suffering from cough with the excess mucus, then you can take the support of oranges for getting rid of it. Firstly, boil two oranges along with their peels in four cups of water for thirty minutes. After boiling for thirty minutes, cool it for some time. Then, consume three cups of water and eat the oranges. Continue this method for two or three days or until you obtain relief from cough.[3]


4. Pineapple:

Another yummy tasting and nutrient packed fruit that works great in relieving you from the uneasiness linked with the cough is pineapple. Add little amount of honey to pineapple juice and consume the mixture. Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple works as an anti-inflammatory agent and helps relieve from sinus infections. Honey, when added to pineapple activates this enzyme. Thus, both these ingredients work great in reducing the cough.[4]


5. Lichi:

Lichi, very fragrant and sweet, is another amazing fruit that works extraordinarily great in alleviating the symptoms of cough. This small fruit is packed with plenty of the healthy nutrients that offer you a ton of health benefits. Apart from reducing the discomfort of cough, this wonderful fruit has a beneficial effect on enlargements of the glands, gastralgia, and tumors as well. The crushed seeds of lichi reduce intestinal problems.[5]


6. Apricots:

Another versatile fruit that comes to your rescue for providing you relief from a cough is apricot. This wonderful fruit is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, thiamine, iron, niacin, and beta-carotene. Apricots and their kernels are prescribed for reducing cough, constipation, and asthma in traditional Chinese medicine. So when a cough is bothering you a lot, then eat an apricot.[6]


7. Mango:

Mango, the king of fruits, is valued as a health promoting fruit. Anti-tussive properties of mangoes work extraordinarily great in giving you respite from cough. So, when you are suffering from cough, you can eat mangoes for getting rid of it.[7]