6 Foods To Eat After You Lose Blood

6 Foods to Eat After You Lose Blood

There are various reasons for blood loss. You may lose excess blood following an accident or during a surgery. For women, blood loss is part of the monthly menstrual cycle. Internal bleeding due to a health disorder is another common cause of blood loss. You also lose some blood by donating blood. While the white blood cells replenish rapidly, it takes several weeks for the red blood cells to replenish. However, eating the right type of food promotes rapid production of the blood cells. If you have lost blood for some reason, to rapidly replenish the lost blood

Add The Following Foods To Your Diet

1. Red Meat

Red meat is the best food for replenishing the red blood cells after blood loss. The high bioavailability of iron from red meat makes it the best source of iron for building red blood cells. Furthermore, red meat is a good source of vitamin B12, the nutrient that plays an important role in building healthy red blood cells. To rapidly replenish blood, eat at least small amounts of red meat free from fats twice a week.[1]

Red Meat

2. Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy greens are known to help in rapidly replenishing the red blood cells. The molecular structure of chlorophyll closely resembles that of hemoglobin. Ingesting chlorophyll rich foods seems to help in rapidly promoting the red blood cell count. Leafy greens also contain iron and folic acid that are essential for building healthy red blood cells.[2]

Leafy Green Vegetables

3. Banana

Banana can also help in replenishing the lost blood. It is a good source of iron. It also contains vitamin C, which helps in increasing absorption of iron. Moreover, banana contains vitamin B6, a nutrient essential for building hemoglobin.[3]


4. Beans

Beans contain iron. When taken along with other dietary sources of iron, they help in promoting formation of red blood cells. In addition, beans are good sources of folate and vitamin B6.[4]


5. Coconut Water

Immediately after you lose blood, drink coconut water. Historically, coconut water is used to improve the blood plasma level after blood loss. Coconut water also helps in restoring the electrolyte balance of the body and improving the energy level after blood loss.[5]

Coconut Water

6. Orange Juice

Orange Juice is rich in vitamin C. Increasing consumption of the vitamin C rich fruit juice along with iron rich foods helps in improving absorption of iron. After losing blood, remember to drink orange juice to replenish the lost blood rapidly.[6]

Orange Juice