13 Ways To Use Honey For Your Health

Honey is the nature’s best sweetener obtained from honey bees. Honey has almost similar sweetness as granulated Sugar it gets its sweetness from monosaccharide Fructose and glucose. Honey dews about 64 calories in 1 tablespoon of serving. Honey is the safest sugar products for consumption. Honey has many health benefits if it is pure and non-heated. Pure honey can be obtained from honeycombs. There are several adulterated forms of honey obtained in the market. Hence one has to be very careful while choosing Honey from the store. Here are 13 ways to use honey for your health.

1. Helpful In Weight Loss

The latest trend is all about less weight and more energy when it comes to weight loss no one is preparing sugar these days. A healthy alternative for sugar is honey. If you are looking for a quick tip for weight loss use a tablespoon of honey with warm water and add few drops of lemon. Taking this in the early morning is set to give a quick improvement in the weight loss. People also prefer using honey with green tea instead of sugar. This helps in enhancing the benefits of green tea in the morning.Honey has less GI levels than sugar and it doesn’t increase the sugar level immediately when taken[1]. Honey is sweeter than sugar hence fewer amounts is required.

2. Cure Wounds-Raw

Honey is used as a medicine traditionally in many parts of India and China. Honey is applied directly onto the fresh wounds for better healing. Honey contains many antimicrobial properties. Honey does not allow microorganisms to grow, hence it is honey is used as a medicine traditionally in many parts of India and China. Honey is applied directly onto the fresh wounds for better healing. Honey contains many antimicrobial properties[2]. Honey does not allow microorganisms to grow, hence it is the best product to cure wounds. Honey is also used for quick healing of bonds rashes and aberrations.

3. Sore Throat

As mentioned about Honey has many antimicrobial properties that is the reason it is used as an effective remedy for a sore throat. Honey does not allow growth of any microorganisms. Honey is used as a base to mix medicines in an Ayurvedic system. Honey can simply be mixed with peppermint powder and taken to get relief from a sore throat. Honey contains many anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the swelling of the throat[3]. Honey also contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase with suppresses the infection.

4. Natural Prebiotic

Honey is a natural prebiotic which helps to increase the population of bifidobacteria in the gut. It is not a natural probiotic but it is prebiotic. Probiotics contain many good bacteria which when consumed can improve digestion, whereas, Prebiotics help to increase the growth of good bacteria.[4] However both probiotics and prebiotics are useful to aid proper digestion.

5. Improve Sleep

As mentioned about Honey contain a combination of carbohydrates called glucose and fructose. Glucose is process immediately it in the form of blood sugar where us Fructose is stored in the form of glycogen. This fructose provides energy to the Brain when you are sleeping. Stable glucose levels are required by person when he or she sleeps. This is exactly done by Honey. [5]It provides instant energy in the form of glucose and also provides energy to the Brain the form of fructose. All you need to do is take a tablespoon of honey everyday before you go to bed you can Find the difference in a week.

6. Relief From Nausea

Honey contains many enzymes like diastase acid phosphatase, glucose oxidase et cetera which help to relieve nausea caused by in digestion.[6] Honey helps to neutralize the stomach acid does giving Ali from stomach burning. Regular intake of honey will help to keep your esophagus lining smooth


7. Improves Digestion

Honey is helpful in almost all digestive problems. Honey is useful for ulcers, indigestion and constipation.[7] Drinking warm water with honey early in the morning keeps you fresh and also helps in proper appetite.

8. Helps In Skin Infections

As you all know honey is the best product used in most of the skin care products. Honey is used in many skin packs, face washes, and other skin care. Antimicrobial action of honey helps to fight skin infections like acne blisters and other skin ailments. Honey is directly applied adding want to the face by adding it with few drops of lemon juice. Honey Axis a good exfoliating agent which keeps your skin fresh.[8 ] Honey also acts as a moisturizer when applied on to the skin.

9. Balances Blood Pressure

Increase blood pressure is one of the leading threats to heart attack. Keeping blood pressure at bay the most important thing one has to do. Honey is one such wonder ingredient that can balance your blood pressure. Studies of proven that Honey has reduced the systolic blood pressure in rats. [9]Disadvantage of honey can be attributed to the oligosaccharides and antioxidants present in it.

10. Natural Energy Booster

Honey is considered to be a natural energy booster. The monosaccharide Fructose and glucose present in the honey helps to keep you fit and energetic every time. If you feel dull and lethargic during any point of the day try to have a tablespoon of honey to energise yourself. [10] It acts as a refreshing agent and you will feel energetic.

11. Improves Blood Circulation

The important antioxidants present in the honey helps better functioning of the heart and also improves blood circulation.[11] This further helps in proper brain functioning.

12. Works Better In Diabetes

People suffering from type 2 diabetes are always refer to take Honey instead of sugar. As intake of sugar increases a blood sugar levels it is better to take Honey which contains Fructose in equal amounts of glucose. However both the components are said to increase blood sugar levels. Honey is much sweeter than sugar hence less amount of honey can be used in some dishes. [12] Is it is preferable to use honey when compared to sugar

13. Relief From Bad Breath

if you are irritated because of the bad breath and unable to visit your dentist frequently then honey can help you in this case. Honey has been used in centuries to fight bad breath. Manuka honey is said to have many antifungal and antimicrobial properties which help to fight bad breath.[13] Unlike expensive alcoholic mouthwashes, Honey is the natural ingredient which works better when compared to them.