11 Best Fruits For Constipation Relief

11 Best Fruits For Constipation Relief

Constipation is a state in which a person feels very discomfort in the process of emptying the bowels. People of any age can be affected with constipation. When a person is affected with this condition, he/she feels very difficulty in passing the extremely hard stools. Other symptoms of constipation are acidity, poor appetite, depression, mouth ulcer, headache, bad breath, abnormally large or small stools, and bloated abdomen. The factors such as inadequate consumption of water, poor diet, poor defecation habits, physical inactiveness, stress, and consumption of particular medications contribute to this issue. Although there are powerful medications which help in giving you relief from this issue, it is always better to rely on the natural remedies. Natural remedies do not bother you with side effects. There are some amazing fruits which help you in this regard.

This Article Lists About Such Effective Fruits For Constipation Relief

1. Apple:

Apple is very effective in keeping the symptoms of constipation at bay. This amazing fruit is loaded with both insoluble and soluble fibers. Consumption of an apple on a regular basis is recommended in order to get rid of constipation naturally. Further, antioxidant compounds of an apple help you in getting rid of bad cholesterol.[1]


2. Papaya:

Papaya is highly known to be effective in combating with constipation since ages. This amazing fruit acts as a natural laxative. Constipation, which is a digestive disorder, can be easily eliminated with the help of papaya. Vitamin C in papaya greatly works in softening your stools. Half piece of papaya must be consumed before breakfast. [2]


3. Guava:

Other fruit that works wonder in bringing down the symptoms of constipation is guava. Consume one or two guavas in a day. Do not throw off the seeds. The seeds of the guava also play an important role in reducing the symptoms of constipation. Guava offers roughage to the diet and promotes proper bowel movements.[3]


4. Mango:

Mangoes are very effective in stimulating your bowel movements in a natural way. Its rich content of fiber, minerals and vitamins are highly known to be beneficial in regulating your bowel movements. Mango remedy works best in combating this condition.[4]


5. Grapes:

When the symptoms of constipation are troubling you very badly, then grapes come to your rescue. Grapes are a great laxative food. The mixture of organic acids, sugar and cellulose in grapes works wonder in this issue. Grapes are very useful in toning up your stomach and thus relieve you from chronic constipation.[5]


6. Oranges:

Oranges are rich in laxative properties. Consume an orange on daily basis to get rid of constipation. You can also intake the juice of an orange on an empty stomach each morning. Good water content, fiber and vitamin C of orange make your stools softer.[6]


7. Pears:

The next fruit which is beneficial for healing constipation is pear. This wonderful fruit is rich in soluble fiber. In fact, pear is a delicious way of beating constipation. Prefer to consume a medium sized pear as a breakfast. You can also consume it after dinner. Pear becomes very juicy when are chilled.[7]


8. Pineapple:

Pineapple is one of the superb fruits that improve your digestive system. It relieves you from constipation as well. Hence, consume a glass of pineapple juice daily in the morning after the breakfast. You can also drink this juice after your dinner.[8]


9. Peaches:

Peach is an amazing fruit that gets digested easily. Hence, it is considered as a best fruit for all those who suffer from digestion problems. Alkaline content of peaches helps in improving the functioning of digestive system. The skin of this fruit contains large amounts of fiber. Due to this quality, peach is one of the amazing remedy for constipation relief.[9]


10. Bananas:

Banana is highly known to be beneficial in restoring the proper bowel functions. Ripe banana is filled with fiber content. Do not consume unripe banana as it may trigger the problem of constipation. Ripe banana helps in promoting digestion process and thus helps in providing you relief from constipation. [10]


11. Strawberries:

Strawberries are capable of stimulating the functioning of digestive system. Hence, this fruit is said to be helpful in managing constipation. This fiber rich fruit helps to ease the process of digestion and stimulates bowel movements.[11]


Constipation may look like a small problem. But, if left untreated, it might lead to severe health problems. With the help of changes in the diet, this problem can be handled very easily. If you do not find any relief, consult doctor for medical advice.